Have you ever thought there are a lot of similarities between dating and business relationships? If so, you are not alone! At Grace Communications, we love talking about this topic because it helps us understand how to empower ourselves to be better in both our personal and professional lives. In fact, we love it SO much that we created an entire workshop about it called It’s A Match!

What are some of the main components that are similar between dating and business?

  • Rejection
  • Love Languages
  • Chemistry
  • First Impressions

These are just a few of the countless ways dating and business are so similar.

Why does it help to explore these topics? There are a few reasons we’ve found that this helps us in our daily lives.

  1. Changes your mindset about how to handle things when they don’t go your way. Imagine if you actually celebrated rejection…wouldn’t that be a game changer?
  2. Helps you get to know yourself and how you interact with people because of your personality and communication style.
  3. Makes you aware of how your energy is matching (or not matching) others so you are finding relationships with positive chemistry.
  4. Empowers you to take control and have more confidence when interacting with others.
  5. Allows you to give yourself and others grace when things don’t always align…after all you can’t be a match for everyone.

Do you have a group or business that might benefit from our It’s A Match workshops? Let us know! Contact emily@gracecommunicationsagency.com for more details.