Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build community. There are SO many opportunities to use marketing to help grow your network and drive awareness that can then result in increased sales. However, with all of the marketing options it can sometimes feel overwhelming to know when, where, and how to start. At Grace Communications we rely on our team to help cultivate community for our clients through a variety of services. Here are just a few ideas, from each of our team members, that we use to help build community through our marketing support services.

Public Relations: Implement strategies that help businesses meet their social responsibilities while building customer loyalty through positive experiences. When done properly, public relations allow business owners to get closer to their target audience, improve relationships with existing customers and even attract new ones.” – Natalie Dick, PR Specialist

Events: “Events help build community by bringing people together. One thing that can really help foster this is getting various community groups involved in events. This could include local businesses, groups (fire department, chamber of commerce, police, and schools), and families.” – Betty Nicklaus, Senior Accounts Manager

Networking: Networking is about building genuine connections. Supporting other people’s work through social media, making introductions, and being a resource to them is a great way to build community.” – Linda Lemmons, Client Relationship Manager

Photography: “Photography is a powerful tool to build community because it enables people to see the world from different perspectives and appreciate the diverse scenarios and situations captured in a frozen moment. One tip for using photography to build a community is to have professional photos taken when you or your business participate in community events. You can then utilize these photographs on your social platforms to genuinely connect with the local community and demonstrate that you are more than just a profit-driven business. These impactful photos showcase the positive impact your business and team are making within the community.” – Jenna Yates, Account Manager

Social Media: “One tip to use social media to build a strong community on social platforms is by consistently engaging with your audience by responding to comments and fostering meaningful conversations. Additionally, create and share content that resonates with your community’s interests and values to keep them engaged and connected.” – Kalyssa Kolb, Account Manager

E-Newsletters: “E-newsletters educate, motivate and entertain members of your network. A well-planned e-newsletter gives you direct access to your audience’s inbox, allowing you to share engaging content, promote sales and drive traffic to your website.  E-newsletters can build a sense of common identity and purpose among clients while attracting new customers.” – Jodi Mechem, Marketing Support Manager

Business Development: “Finding the right fit with sponsors, vendors, and partners for events and other strategic projects is a great way to enhance a business, drive sales, and create meaningful connections. One of my favorite things is when we are able to connect two businesses who can then grow together.” – Emily Green, CEO/Founder

            We hope that some of these ideas will spark inspiration for you to create more community for your business. One connection can lead to another and be the catalyst for your next great sale, partnership, or idea. With that spirit, we hope you will use these tips to help you connect in meaningful ways through your marketing efforts.