Grace Communications Workshops

Hello and welcome to 4Ward

4Ward is the personal and professional development arm of Grace Communications. When we are not helping clients with marketing support services, we absolutely love doing public speaking and hosting developmental workshops. From Excavating Your WHY to It’s A Match, we offer a variety of topics that are both entertaining, educational, and interactive.

We are able to customize our workshops to be in person or virtual and can cater to any size or type of organization. 

What are some of the topics we cover with our 4WARD programming?

1) It’s A Match

2) Excavating Your Why

3) Leading With Heart

4) Level Up Your Business With Image Management + Marketing 

5) Finding Leads on Instagram (Without Being Too Annoying)

It’s a match

Have you ever thought there are a lot of similarities between dating and business? You are not alone. In virtual and in-person events, we explore topics like rejection, first impressions, love languages, chemistry, and charm.

Excavating Your Why

Do you have a BIG dream? Are you unsure of how to take that dream and turn it into actionable steps? Do you feel like you are unsure of how to start? We will help walk you through step by step how to take a BIG idea and turn it into something real. Starting with your “why,” advice to overcome any obstacle, and ending with an action plan to guide you.