Excavating Your Why

Most people have a BIG dream, but few follow through to take the next step and move forward towards their goals. It takes action to achieve, and we want to help you get to that next step. With many people these days finding themselves without a job or severely altered hours and landscape, there’s never been a better time to go after a new path..the one you’ve secretly always wanted to follow! 

Hello! I am Emily Zimmermann…

I want to tell you WHY this course means so much to me. Before I started Grace Communications, I dreamed about starting my own agency for years. I’d tell my best friends and family about it but I was always waiting for the perfect moment. I never felt like I had enough money saved or had everything exactly right to start. Then, life intervened.

I had my high paying corporate job eliminated. On top of that, I met my significant other, fell in love, and was no longer relocatable. What was I going to do? I still didn’t feel 100% ready but a voice inside me said if I didn’t go for it now, I never would. So, I took the leap and decided to turn a somewhat negative situation into something amazing!

Right now, millions of people are faced with a similar situation. They have had their positions eliminated permanently or are just not really sure what is going to happen with their employment. I felt compelled to help them the same way I helped myself. To turn that uncertainty…into certain success by finally pursuing that BIG dream or goal.

That’s the heart of Excavating Your WHY and I hope my story and this workshop will help, inspire, and motivate others to take action like I’ve done for myself and many of my agency’s clients.

Discovering Your Truth

In Ch. 1 we will discover your real BIG dream or goal and dig into the why behind it to really understand the intentions and emotions behind what you are hoping to achieve.

Exploring Your Truth

In Ch. 2 we will dig deeper into what roadblocks have hindered you in the past and how to overcome those moving 4Ward!

Communicating Your Truth

In Ch. 3, we will utilize the information excavated in Ch. 1, 2, and even before this course and put together an action plan to help guide you after the course is over. This contains a sample action plan that is filled out as well as one for you to use for your own personalized plan.

Living Your Truth

In Ch. 4, you will figure out routines and a timeline based off your action plan to help guide you after the course. We will look at some common issues that can wreck havok on productivity and how to avoid those moving 4Ward!